The Missing: A Collection of Short Stories

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by Karen J Mossman

The Missing: A Collection of Short Stories

Why do people go missing? Will they be found?

First in the Themed Collection series that looks at missing people and the consequences in 5 fictional short stories.

Amanda, missing 5 years suddenly finds her face on the television screen.
Ellie chases a new lead in the search for her brother.
Marina dead for 25 years, who killed her?
Police interviews of Michelle's family and friends. No body's admitting anything.
Shelby returns to her hometown knowing something bad has happened to her best friend.

++++A Great Collection of Short Stories ++++

Each story covers the subject of a runaway from a different angle and would hopefully highlight the plight of the missing and the missed.

++++Each story different from the next *****

The writing was warm and personable and I finished this book quickly.

++++We all know someone who has a family member or friend who went missing++++

These stories tell about the possible reasons behind the missing

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Genres: Short Stories, Short Story Collection

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 77


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