Heroes (The Themed Collection Book 3)

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by Karen J Mossman

Heroes (The Themed Collection Book 3)

Heroes are not always the traditional man on horseback coming to rescue a maiden in distress. They can come in many guises and sometimes they come from within ourselves.

Here are nine very different short stories about heroes.

Tanya is an aid worker and is kidnapped along with a couple of journalists by a group of insurgents.

Libby, an English girl with a deadly secret she is desperately trying to keep from her Mafia boyfriend.

Two penfriends, who have never met, swap letters of their lives. Then Jen is arrested and only one person can help her.

All Sarah Lane wants to do is help people and then she becomes a footballer’s wife and discovers another world.

Jamie is looking for a place to live and comes across an angel in a church. But not everyone wants him to stay.

A young girl has to face her biggest fear to save someone's life.

In 18th century England, the highwayman is on the prowl and gets more than he bargained for when he meets Saffron.

Marlene, a depressed and anguished young woman is on the brink of suicide. Can she be saved?

Sharon grew up in poverty with memories of loss and sadness. Now she must revisit that time and face the things she had forced herself to forget.

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