The Secret

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by Karen J Mossman

The Secret

Dear Diary

Kerry O’Brien has a hot new boyfriend! Yay!

His name is Tommy. He’s a biker and he’s gorgeous. He seems to like me too. He makes me feel good about myself and it’s been a long time since anyone has paid me that much attention. I also have a monster for a stepfather.

But I’m scared, scared Bill will find out about him and scared he will find out about Bill. Tommy’s very protective of me and if he ever found out my secret, I think he would murder Bill.

Bill started again last night. Jodie and I hid under the bed. I don’t want him to ever touch her. Secrets like mine are only whispered about. But the bruises are getting harder to cover and I know once Tommy finds out the truth, He’ll hate me and I’m afraid I might lose him.

˃˃˃ Everyone needs a guy like Tommy in their life.

"The author brings to light a lot of issues young people go through. Karen Mossman, I applaud you on this one, you've written it with the utmost respect and didn't make it sleazy."

˃˃˃ A charming, heart-warming love story.

"The story has many twists and turns, each time you think you know the secret there is another twist that has you wondering again.”

"The Secret is a very sweet, engaging book about how Kerry and Tommy learn to trust one another, and together find a way to unburden her of the secret that is crushing her.”

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