I Will Follow: To Eternity And Beyond

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by Ju Ephraime

I Will Follow: To Eternity And Beyond

Catherine is living a dream life, rescued from an orphanage and married to her best friend. Life couldn’t get any better, and she is the envy of everyone in the little town where she lives. But it turns into a nightmare the day she is given the news that will change her life forever… Her fairy tale life becomes a living hell on earth.
For two years she exists, barely acknowledging one day from the next. Suddenly, without any warning, a stranger walks into her life, and everything is about to change. Is Catherine ready for the change, or is she still only living to die?
Titus is only visiting the home of his brother-in-law’s distant cousin. He isn’t looking for a relationship; neither is he searching for love. Yet, they both find him, with no advanced warning. Titus is not one to succumb without a fight, and boy does he fight, but it seems the harder he fights, the more the force pushing him into Catherine’s waiting arms fights back.

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Genres: Historical Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Pages: 288

ASIN: B01N57P10B

Sales Rank: 813482

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