Zukie's Trail (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 8)

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by Cynthia E. Hurst

Zukie's Trail (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 8)

Most people would jump at the chance of a free, relaxing vacation on a picturesque island, but not Zukie Merlino, to whom ‘rest’ is a four-letter word. Her outlook improves, however, when there’s a death at the rustic inn where she’s a reluctant guest. Despite the best efforts of her cousin Lou and the local law enforcement officers, Zukie is soon hot on the trail of a murderer, a task that sees her commandeering the inn’s kitchen, stealing a boat and getting a lot closer to the great outdoors than she ever anticipated.
‘Zukie’s Trail’ is the eighth book in the Zukie Merlino Mysteries series. Cynthia E. Hurst is also the author of the R&P Labs Mysteries series of novels and short stories.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Mystery

Google Category: None

Pages: 220


ISBN(10): 1541018907

ISBN(13): 9781541018907

Sales Rank: 2275854

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