Edgar Cayce Past Lives: Civil War & The Revolution

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by D.M. Hoover

Edgar Cayce Past Lives: Civil War & The Revolution

Edgar Cayce was born a scant 12 years after the end of the Civil War and the death of Abraham Lincoln. Knowing that the dark shadow of slavery and the pall of war still hung over the land, I felt others may have wondered as I have, just how it affected the Cayce family and changed the lives of all citizens in the South.

Losing the war forced Southerners, who had enslaved an entire race of people, to re-evaluate their principles and endure the losses that came from seeing their prior way of life come to an abrupt end.

The history of slavery is not one that people like to talk about, especially in the South. Biographies such as "There is a River" and the newer writings say precious little about slavery, even though it’s reported that Cayce’s grandfather had a slave. It seems likely that many people felt that the past history of southern plantation slave life was best forgotten.

Less than 100 years prior the Revolutionary War was fought for the freedom of an entire country versus the freedom of an enslaved race. In most all instances Mr. Cayce revealed first names and surnames as well as geographic locations and the roles played by the souls who entered during those wars.

Unlike most countries whose history extends back thousands of years, the United States is very young indeed. In light of the current trend to research one’s ancestry, I chose to review only the two largest wars which occurred on American soil, that perhaps the reader may recognize a familiar name that relates to their family even today.

I attempted for the most part to concentrate of those prior lives, but occasionally I also added information on associated people with whom they came into contact, and occasionally included additional past life information of particular interest. I purposefully left out a few of the Revolutionary lifetimes where it seems that they were given just as an afterthought, and for which there was little relevance to their current lives.

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