True Crimes: Ladykillers

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by James Tierney

True Crimes: Ladykillers

The stories of six brutal murderers of women. Were these men simply bad, or were they actually mad? The juries of the day had their say, but you can make up your own mind.
The Acid Bath Murderer- The disturbing life of John George Haigh. Blood-drinking lunatic, or opportunistic ‘man with a disposal plan’?
The Ladykiller- Was post-war Britain ready to be introduced to the ‘charming’ aircraft pilot Neville George Clevely Heath?
The Southwark Poisoner- Was George Chapman a serial-killing poisoner, or something even worse?
True Justice?- The controversial case of Ronald True, a case that put the British Justice System itself on trial.
The Bodies in the Ravine- Bloodstains on the carpet, bloodstains on the knife, oh Dr Buck Ruxton, you murdered your wife. Then Mary she saw you, you thought she would tell, so Dr Buck Ruxton, you killed her as well.
The Brides in the Bath- Bigamy was just the beginning for George Joseph Smith.

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