Magic's Perdition

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by Melissa Jensen

Magic's Perdition

Adeline Moress, government sorcerer and investigator, is banished. With job options few for a woman in exile, she settles in the small town of Fensworth, scraping by as a tour guide for the town's pride and joy, the vast woodland known as the Gela Wey – a place steeped in magic, as well as a dark history. She soon finds herself the caretaker of a fractious being of magic named Issachar, bound to her until he can heal from the torments of his former master.

But the peace and quiet of small town life is shattered when a resident is found murdered. Creatures thought to be long vanquished lurk within the shadows, adding to the death toll. Both Adeline and Issachar must find a way to prevent history from repeating, with only the hope that they'll come out of their investigation alive.

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

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Pages: 279


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