A Lingering Evil

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A Lingering Evil

What evil resides in the old Wellar House?

A Lingering Evil

by Laurie Cook

What evil resides in the old Wellar House?

It had been eighty years since the Wellar family's mysterious disappearance, but now events were attracting attention once more. Shannon Carlyle plans to use the story of the Wellar House Mystery, as the basis for a new novel. Unfortunately, Shannon and her husband Robbie get a little more involved in the history of the house than planned. It would need the help of new friends, a little humor, a whole lot of luck and even a bit of other worldly inspiration to solve the mystery.

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Cozy Crime, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense, Women's Fiction

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Mystery Novels

Pages: 218


ISBN(10): 1537238590

Sales Rank: 1056341

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