A Dash of Flash: A Collection of Very Short Stories

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A Dash of Flash: A Collection of Very Short Stories

A Dash of Flash: A Collection of Very Short Stories

by Millie Thom

Eighty five ‘wee gems’ in a single book …

A Dash of Flash is an eclectic mix of stories with both contemporary and historical settings, plus a few fairy tales and ghost stories added for good measure.
Step inside and join the many and varied characters at their times of joy or sorrow, remorse or loss. Laugh at their foibles, commiserate with their grief and indulge with them as they reminisce. Or simply smile at the fantasy of the tale.
Glimpse them all for but a mere flash in time…

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Genres: Short Stories, Short Story Collection

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 158


Sales Rank: 797467

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