The Travel Mate: An International Suspense Thriller

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by J.A. Kalis

The Travel Mate: An International Suspense Thriller

Looking for a fast-moving,action-packed suspense thriller you won't be able to put down until you finish it? Then try this one.

When a young woman has disappeared while on a trekking holiday in a far-off country, her father and sister set off on a frenzied journey searching for her, seemingly unaware of the danger they have put themselves in. Their search soon turns into a desperate life-and-death struggle as they cross paths with a ruthless killer on the lookout for his next prey.

Will they manage to escape his clutches?

Will they ever find out what has happened to their loved one gone missing?

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Genres: Suspense, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 324


Sales Rank: 502398

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