Johari's Window

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by Suzy Davies

Johari's Window

A memoir of a modern day Scheherazade.

Sometimes when we are searching for our future, the future finds us…

'Johari’s Window' is a love letter, a game, and a fictional romance. It tells the story of Suzy, a university student and young woman from Middle England. She is attractive and intelligent, but her reckless, impulsive nature brings about romantic disappointments.

One of her suitors is the erudite Dr Raven, who is an ambitious, mercurial charmer, but emotionally reticent. He is a strategist who tells her that, "Someone else got there first”.

Their encounter is a turning point in Suzy’s life, which propels her on a soul-searching quest for romance. An unintended consequence in her search for meaning leads to self-discovery and self-actualisation as a writer. Her journey is a Dantesque passage through trials and tribulations. Her memories look forwards as well as backwards.

Suzy’s epiphany at a window is the moment when the subtleties and layers of meaning in language and memory are truly revealed to her. It is the language of the body which makes us human. Suzy discovers the human capacity for many kinds of love, which sustains her, in the infinite chambers of the heart.

Praise for 'Johari's Window':

I was moved by the plethora of imagery that decorated the emotional journey in this timeless novel.

Suzy Davies takes her readers to many places new to them, yet stunningly recognizable, in many emotional contexts, through her inimitable style and creative conviction,with a passion that resonates with hope and possibilities.

Unknown shimmering dreams echo within the heartfelt parameters of her carefully constructed boundaries - universal, and personal - dominated by pervasive longings for true love. A gradual and natural, yet deliberate cultivation of perseverance captivates the reader with the promise of convictions that grow, while she harbors them just below the surface of her tribulations.
Davies is a passionate, innovative, insatiable literary architect and I look forward to reading more of her work.

I should also state here that Suzy is my fiancée and, that I am looking forward to our marriage more than anything else.

– Craig Fleming, Creative Consultant at Jake the Good Dog, LinkedIn review

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Genres: Romance

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Pages: 272

ASIN: B00N24MQ08

ISBN(13): 9781781322833

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