Seiokana (Breakshield Book 2)

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by J. B. Rockwell

Seiokana (Breakshield Book 2)

“Don’t ever underestimate Typhon. He’s ruthless, pitiless, crueler than you can ever know. Crueler than you can ever possibly imagine. But most of all he’s smart. And driven. Someone to be feared, respected, avoided at all costs. If you see him, you run. Understand me? You run, Jamie, no matter what. No matter where you are, no matter what’s happening to the rest of us. You run, Jamie.” In the Between, a magical realm between mortal life and the afterlife, the Seekers and Watchers of the Shining Lands are sworn to protect the few Talents left in the mortal world, but the number of Talents is dwindling rapidly. Could the disappearances be related to a missing Seeker or the mysterious creature suddenly inhabiting an abandoned settlement? While the leading Seekers bicker over strategies, Typhon, who rules the Dark Waste with a hand of fire and a cadre of Hunstmen, is gaining power and getting closer to finding Jamie Aster, the newest Talent to arrive. Nobody knows what Jamie’s Talent actually is. But Typhon will stop at nothing and Jamie may be the Talent’s redemption, or their doom. While the settlers of Broadmoor protect Jamie, they must also uncover his Talent and train him to defend himself before it’s too late. Morgan was able to save Jamie from Typhon’s burning grasp once before, but he may not be able to do it again.

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Genres: Fantasy

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Pages: 384


ISBN(10): 1937365964

ISBN(13): 9781937365964

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