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by Emily Reilly


My job is not an author! I am just a woman who made it through hell and came back stronger.
My writing style may not be perfect but it is honest and as I said I am not a professional writer so don't expect that this story has been professionally edited. I didn't want to go down that route as I have known others that have and their story changed to something unrecognizable...
I wrote my story to firstly get it out of my head and onto paper, as a healing tool.... It just so happens that by doing this I got hundreds of people messaging me telling me that my story is helping them.

A little about me if you don't already know!

From a young age was I exposed to Domestic Violence. When I entered my teens I fell pregnant and again became a victim of abuse, beaten daily and almost killed several times by an abusive partner.
My inner strength came through and I finally escaped the cycle, raising my young child as a sole parent. Years later I became the CEO of my own Company.
I was encouraged by my daughter a few years ago to tell my story. I have never and probably will never say out loud what happened to me but by putting in down on paper (pardon the pun) it has helped me exercise some demons that I had buried deep down inside.
This has been a very difficult journey, one at times I wanted to stop in it's tracks. I have been told many times during my life time that "everything happens for a reason" I never believed this, as the hell I lived through could never have possibly been for a reason or so I thought.

Since putting the first part of my story out there I have had so many people reach out to me and tell me how my life has influenced them. I had a young school girl tell me she completed an assignment on my life (WOW what a gift) I have also had a few people tell me I saved their lives! All this feedback made me keep going because maybe those words were right "Everything happens for a reason"

Take Care and Stay Unbroken xx Emily xx

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Genres: Biography, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Self Help, Spirituality, Suspense

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