Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One; Jan's Rainbow

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by Lindsay Collier

Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One; Jan's Rainbow

The day after Lindsay Collier lost his wife of 40 years to Ovarian Cancer a huge rainbow surrounded his home. This, along with a number of other signs, inspired him to write this book. This book contains many remarkable stories of how those loved ones we have lost stay connected. Using his extensive background in creative thinking processes Lindsay also put together an innovative guide of ideas to help people cope with their losses. In addition, about 30 others contribute their amazing true stories of signs they have received from those they have lost. You'll laugh, you'll cry and your spirit will be lifted to a new level.

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Genres: Health and Nutrition, Non-Fiction, Self Help

Google Category: None

Pages: 180


ISBN(10): 1480203532

ISBN(13): 9781480203532

Sales Rank: 948720

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