Sweetwater (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 2)

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by Cynthia E. Hurst

Sweetwater (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 2)

Back in the swinging ’60s, Virginia McClain and Neil Brewer were lovers. Four decades on, Neil is recovering from a heart attack and his thoughts return to Virginia, now the senior bacteriologist at Seattle’s R&P Labs. He suggests a romantic reunion, but Virginia turns him down, only to find, when Neil is murdered, that he has left a substantial legacy to the lab. But there’s a catch – they can only receive it if they first solve a series of clues.
In “Sweetwater”, the second R&P Labs novel featuring the scientific quintet, Rob, Phil, Ellis, Virginia and Mitch reluctantly embark on their treasure hunt and try to track down Neil’s killer, while Ellis fends off the advances of an amorous chocolatier, Mitch becomes a bodyguard and Rob discovers an unexpected talent for breaking and entering.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Mystery

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Pages: 235


ISBN(10): 1517772907

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