The Indiscreet Ladies of Green Ivy Way

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by Alyssa Kress

The Indiscreet Ladies of Green Ivy Way

Gideon Chandler is in trouble.

His wife thinks he's a software salesman, when he's really head of a top-secret government agency. She thinks he's been cheating on her, when he's really been protecting dangerous technology. Since he can't explain the truth, she's left him.

Now Gideon has to find a missing scientist and the drug she's developed that may destroy the world - and his best chance of locating her is through her only close friends, her three neighbors - one of whom includes Gideon's estranged wife, Olivia.

While Gideon's job is to win back his suspicious wife, and find out whatever she knows about the case, he sends his two best agents undercover to learn what they can from the scientist's remaining neighbors.

Easier said than done. Bookish agent Dashwood must acquire interesting new skills in order to keep pace with man-eating neighbor Shana. Meanwhile, "love 'em and leave 'em" agent Peter might have to get sincere if he wants to push past the brick wall he hits in pursuit of the third neighbor, cynical divorced mom Brittany.

Each secret operator stretches the boundaries of protocol to get the information they all seek - and each discovers far more than he'd ever dreamed - about women, and about love.

Three romances wrapped around a screwball chase to rescue the world.

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Genres: Romance

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Pages: 269


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