The Sports Motivation Master Plan: How To Go Further Faster and Achieve Your Sporting Dream

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by Lee Ness

The Sports Motivation Master Plan: How To Go Further Faster and Achieve Your Sporting Dream

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To reach the top in sport takes something special, but as well as talent you also need the right approach, the right mindset, the right plan.
Lee Ness’ Sports Motivation Master Plan helps you create your own route map to success. From picking your dream and learning from the greats through getting motivated and dealing with obstacles, the Master Plan is there for you no matter what your sport.

If you want to be the best in your sport, no matter what it is, then you need the Sports Motivation Master Plan.
What people are saying about The Sports Motivation master Plan

"The Sports Motivation Master Plan by Lee Ness is a book I wish I had been able to get my hands on as a developing athlete. Through the book, Lee provides advice on a wide variety of topics that will be useful to developing athletes, their parents, and their coaches. Right from the beginning, Lee provides a framework for selecting a sporting goal, and then discusses how to achieve this goal. The book looks in depth at how to get the best out of yourself through a range of physical and mental techniques, including an in-depth discussion of "The Zone" and how to get there, how to turn weaknesses into strengths, and mind games. Essential reading for anyone that wants to reach their sporting potential.”
- Craig Pickering, Olympic Sprinter

“Lee Ness’ book, "The Sports Motivation Master Plan", fills the gap between coach and parent, helping young athletes and their parents understand what they need to do to reach the top of their sport.
In a way, it's a route map to success.
If you are interested in performing at the highest level, I highly recommend "The Sports Motivation Master Plan”"

- Jimson Lee,

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