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Every Moment Is A Poem, Every Poem A Song

The moments and the emotions of life, wrapped in cadence and rhyme

Every Moment Is A Poem, Every Poem A Song

by Diane Rivoli

The moments and the emotions of life, wrapped in cadence and rhyme

Everyone has felt the warmth of love and the heartbreaking sorrow of loss. Everyone has reveled in a success or wallowed in a failure, rejoiced in a new beginning, welcomed a friend, or bid a final goodbye. We have all looked back with both nostalgia and regret, looked forward with both excitement and dread, made plans for the future and watched them get scattered and tossed. We have all been awed by the exploding colors of a sunset, laughed till tears rolled down our cheeks, and cried till we had no tears left. These are the emotions and the moments of life. Every Moment is a Poem, Every Poem a Song captures the essence of those moments and lays bare those emotions. It plays the song each moment sings, wrapped in cadence and rhyme. 'Time keeps a steady rhythm that has carried me along Life following, in rising and falling notes Singing an unscored song Harmony in the repeating chorus Unplanned changes in between A quarter turn towards heaven or hell Flat to sharp, sharp to flat Playing out on the strings'

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Genres: Poetry

Google Category: Media > Books

Pages: 108

ISBN(10): 1523914335

ISBN(13): 9781523914333

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