The Bayshore Mysteries: The Mystery of Wragg Swamp (Book 3)

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by Jerrye Sumrall

The Bayshore Mysteries: The Mystery of Wragg Swamp (Book 3)

The Bayshore Mysteries: The Mystery of Wragg Swamp (Book 3)

by Jerrye Sumrall

Festive Mardi Gras! Mysterious sounds in the float warehouse! Trapped in Wragg Swamp! Mystery man in the woods! Will Jeff and his pals discover the secrets of Wragg Swamp?
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Something strange is happening in Wragg Swamp!

First, the lights go out in the Mardi Gras float warehouse. Then mysterious sounds are heard. Next, an eerie cry is heard along the road to the float garage. Later, Jeff and his pals learn about a wild man in the swamp. Who is he and why does he live there? What truth do they learn about him? Could it be connected to the unexplained happenings around the float warehouse?

Amidst Mobile's festive Mardi Gras celebration, Jeff and his pals, along with an annoying girl named, Jessica, discover another mystery. A trip to an old warehouse in Wragg Swamp, a discovery in Uncle Ed's storage shed, a frightening storm, and getting lost and stranded in the swamp are all part of their dangerous venture. The lure of the swamp and the strange man, lead Jeff and his pals on an unforgettable journey that reveals the truth and teaches them valuable lessons in friendship and courage.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Childrens, Mystery

Google Category: None

Pages: 122


ISBN(10): 1470150174

ISBN(13): 9781470150174

Sales Rank: 1545398

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