The Occasional Diamond Thief: A Science Fiction Novel (The Unintentional Adventures of Kia and Agatha Book 1)

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by J. A. McLachlan

The Occasional Diamond Thief: A Science Fiction Novel (The Unintentional Adventures of Kia and Agatha Book 1)

Winner of the 2016 BPAA (Book Publishers' Award) for Speculative Fiction.
Featured in the acclaimed VOYA magazine in August, 2015

"Tense, thrilling, edge-of-the-seat reading--I tore through this! Kia and Agatha are a fascinating pair, Kia so practical, down-to-earth, and wilful; Agatha so mystical and driven. More, please!" ~ award-winning author Tamora Pierce

What if you discovered your father was a thief? Would you follow in his footsteps, learn his trade?
Would you expose him?

When Kia's dying father gives her a small leather pouch he's kept hidden for years, she's too grief-stricken to open it. Only later does she discover it contains a stunning Malemese diamond. The trouble is, it's a crime punishable by death for any non-Malemese to own one of these diamonds.
The only way she can solve the mystery of how her father came by such a priceless gem is to go to the distant planet of Malem - the last place in the universe Kia wants to be. But how will she find out where the diamond came from when no one can know that she has it? Can she trust Agatha, the strange Select who brought her to Malem as a translator, or the new friends she's made here, including handsome, secretive Jumal?

"J. A. McLachlan is a terrific writer -- wry and witty, with a keen eye for detail. In a world where young-adult fiction is booming, The Occasional Diamond Thief propels McLachlan to the front of the pack." ~ Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo-award winning author.

"Strong, character-driven Science Fiction -- McLachlan makes you both care and think. You can't ask for more." ~ Tanya Huff, Aurora-award winning author

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Genres: Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 250


ISBN(13): 9780993630668

Sales Rank: 759087

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