Walls of Wind: The Complete Trilogy: An Alien Science Fiction Novel

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by J. A. McLachlan

Walls of Wind: The Complete Trilogy: An Alien Science Fiction Novel

"If you read no other "alien" authors this year, don't miss WALLS OF WIND." ~ Bookreporter Magazine

On the alien planet Wind there are two sentient species: the Ghen are fierce hunters who protect the walls of their city-state, while the Bria are farmers and artisans who bear the young of both species. They have little in common except their biology, and struggle to live together.

Briarris is determined to change that--to evict Ghen from their joint city-state into the wild forests beyond. After all, the Ghen spend much of their time there already, hunting and exploring. But when Briarris learns the terrible secret at the heart of their civilization, everything changes. Suddenly, the attacks on their city walls take on a sinister new meaning. Yet despite the danger, the division between the Bria and the Ghen is increasing.

With the help of a handful of Bria and Ghen, Briarris fights to save their civilization from the dark secret within and the fierce predators just outside their walls.

WALLS OF WIND combines speculation on sociology, anthropology, and gender relations with the tragedy, suspense and triumph of individual characters. If you like thought-provoking speculative fiction with compelling prose, complex characters and a unique and gripping story, you’ll love this incredible journey into another world. Read Walls of Wind today.

"Look out, C. J. Cherryh! Step aside, Hal Clement! There's a new master of truly alien SF, and her name is J. A. McLachlan. THE WALLS OF WIND is doubtless THE debut novel of the year." ~ HUGO award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer

"Strong, character-driven fiction -- McLachlan makes you both care and think. You can't ask for more.” ~ Aurora award-winning author Tanya Huff

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Genres: Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

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Pages: 286


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