Era Of Darkness: Volume II: Extinction

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Era Of Darkness: Volume II: Extinction

The War of Emeran reaches its devastating conclusion.

Era Of Darkness: Volume II: Extinction

by Ian Thompson

The War of Emeran reaches its devastating conclusion.

The War of Emeran reaches its devastating conclusion. With hundreds of thousands of demons and abominations besieging Tremok, the city’s defences begin to crumble. Far to the north, a desperate mission takes a terrible twist. Hopes dwindle and extinction looms. Can anything stop the relentless and seemingly infinite demon hordes..?

In Era Of Darkness Volume II, the Human city of Tremok becomes the target for every demon warrior. The Demon Masters know that once Tremok falls, all hope is lost for the world.

The raw heroism of Tremok’s defenders faces a force that utterly outnumbers and outmatches them. Battles become more and more desperate. Human numbers dwindle in every slaughter. Survivors are exhausted and losing hope...

And worse is to come.

What has happened to Pec’s expedition to the Demon Masters’ citadel?
And what of the demons’ reinforcements? More lethal warriors. More terrible weapons. More horrific allies...

The Era Of Darkness is about to consume Emeran forever.

From 5-Star Reviews for Volume I:
“The action is intense, the battles are brutal, and the characters are complex and very real.”
“...intense battles, incredible dark magic... so many twists and turns... I loved it”
“I was completely sucked in and captivated from the first page”
“...mixture of fantasy, mystery, loyalty that make it a one of a kind story”
“Wonderful characters and an even better story”
“Fast and furious paced action fantasy... Great characters... Battles are huge and bloodthirsty”
“I was impressed by the quality of the storytelling... an enthralling mix... a solid read”

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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