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Boneflower (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 5)

An accidental discovery unearths a 35-year-old murder.

Boneflower (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 5)

by Cynthia E. Hurst

An accidental discovery unearths a 35-year-old murder.

A bachelor party camping trip takes an unexpected turn when the participants discover they are sharing their mountain campsite with a skeleton – a biologist who was murdered three decades earlier. Glen Russell had been on the trail of some extremely rare flowers, and someone was determined he shouldn’t find them.
As the R&P staff – Rob, Phil, Ellis, Virginia and Mitch – are reluctantly drawn into the ensuing homicide investigation, witness after witness disappears, reputations are smeared and they begin to wonder if some things would be better left buried.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Mystery

Google Category: None

Pages: 235


ISBN(10): 1519282338

Sales Rank: 2062216

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