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Childproof (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 6)

Sandra Lewis was hired as a temporary employee at R&P Labs. Very temporary, as it turned out.

Childproof (R&P Labs Mysteries Book 6)

by Cynthia E. Hurst

Sandra Lewis was hired as a temporary employee at R&P Labs. Very temporary, as it turned out.

Things are not going well at R&P Laboratories. Not only is there a body in the biology lab and a staff member suspected of murder, but someone has broken in and wrecked their most important piece of equipment – the coffeemaker.
This is one case that is too close for comfort, so in “Childproof,” the sixth R&P Labs mystery, the team of scientists-turned-detectives – Rob, Phil, Ellis, Virginia and Mitch – swing into action again to clear their colleague’s name and find out what’s in two mysterious bottles, why a quiet health-food advocate has a secret life as a mojito-drinking flirt and why vitamins have turned out to be very bad for someone’s health.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Mystery

Google Category: None

Pages: 233


ISBN(13): 9781519449641

Sales Rank: 2245060

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