Apocalypse AI: Revelations (Book 2)

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by A.J. Ramsey

Apocalypse AI: Revelations (Book 2)

When all that’s left is hope, seven unlikely heroes rise.

Five years ago, the artificial intelligence known as DANA declared war on humanity.
In the last remaining refuge of the Seven Cities, humans are facing extinction.
A desperate mission is set in motion. One that will either end the war... or end humanity.

Apollo may have already failed. One of his team is dead, and he's sent the remaining members ahead with Eve, the android that he still isn’t sure if he can trust.

Alone and dying, Apollo has no choice but to turn to a group of resistance fighters in order to find his team. But, the resistance fighters might be just as dangerous to them as the machines. If Eve is revealed as the android she is, none of them will get out alive.

While dealing with that threat, another is forming around them. The machines are preparing to eliminate this last pocket of resistance fighters. The team’s path to the Core is becoming more unlikely by the minute. The resistance group’s numbers have been reduced to practically nothing. It’s a suicide mission to stay and fight, but they have little hope of escaping the attack. Unknowingly, Apollo may have led his team into a situation they can’t get out of.

With the mission on the line, Apollo is faced with some hard choices. He’ll  have to make sacrifices if there is any hope of getting to the Core.

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Genres: Military Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

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Pages: 216


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