Tombstoning: And other supernatural tales

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by J.A. Gilbert

Tombstoning: And other supernatural tales

When Sasha and Becca meet for the tenth anniversary of their high school prom, they are unaware that it will be their last reunion. An evening that should have been spent in reminiscing and chatting about memories of school, takes a darker turn. Long suppressed feelings resurface, with unexpected results. Only one of them survives.

Tombstoning is the first of a collection of eleven short stories that feature either ghosts or something equally inexplicable and otherworldly. Nothing is ever quite as simple and straightforward as it seems.

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Genres: Different, Horror, Literature, Mystery, Paranormal, Short Stories, Short Story Collection

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 183


ISBN(10): 1530700000

Sales Rank: 3196468

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