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Adventures on RV Traveler (Free Trader Series Book 3)

A cat and his human minions fight hostile survivors on the colony ship in space

Adventures on RV Traveler (Free Trader Series Book 3)

by Craig Martelle

A cat and his human minions fight hostile survivors on the colony ship in space

A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. For readers from 13 to 65, find compelling characters engaged in an adventure of search, conflict, and discovery.

Can the remaining ancients on Cygnus VI be saved? The computer on planet Vii has a plan, but it takes Free Trader Braden and his companions to travel to the long-abandoned colony ship first, establish the computer links and functional systems that the AI needs for the precise maneuvers necessary to transfer the survivors to the ship, then realignment for final transfer to a new home. Once on board, they find the ship wasn’t completely abandoned. Far from it.

“Not only does Craig tell an entertaining tale full of rich characters and creativity, he also challenges your existing paradigm and current events. It's a lovely book and a joy to read!” Amazon Review of The Free Trader of Warren Deep, the first in the series.

If you like Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, you’ll like the Free Trader series. Craig Martelle writes about a world colonized by humans long ago. After a civil war on Cygnus VII, life and civilization rise again. Can humans and intelligent animals work together to protect humanity from itself? Follow the adventures of Free Trader Braden, a female warrior, a Hawkoid, Hillcat, and Tortoid as they fight to build a new world.

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Book 2 - The Free Trader of Planet Vii
Book 3 - Adventures on the RV Traveler
Book 4 - Battle for the Amazon
Book 5 - Free the North!
Book 6 - Free Trader on the High Seas

Cygnus Space Opera (set in the Free Trader Universe)
Book 1 - Cygnus Rising
Book 2 - Cygnus Expanding

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Genres: Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 290


ISBN(10): 1530812011

ISBN(13): 9781530812011

Sales Rank: 29212

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