Rama's Labyrinth

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by Sandra Wagner-Wright

Rama's Labyrinth

Biographical historical fiction that takes the reader across India during the last decades of the British Raj.

From a girlhood among Hindu shrines to widowhood and Christian conversion, Rama seeks her destiny. Is it only to educate Hindu widows? Or does God have a larger plan in mind?

Rama’s Labyrinth traces the life of Pandita Ramabai, a social reformer who rose above personal adversity to rescue and educate famine victims.

Praise for Rama’s Labyrinth:

". . . a thoroughly convincing dramatic take on a strand of Indian history rarely touched on in fiction." -- Steve Donoghue, Historical Novel Society

"Cleanly written, subtle in the treatment of intimacies, with excellent sensorial immediacy, Rama's Labyrinth is a weekend's engaging pursuit." Five Stars -- David Lloyd Sutton, San Francisco Book Review

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Genres: Christian, Historical Fiction, Literature, Spirituality

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Pages: 557


ISBN(10): 9780996384

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