The Metaspace Chronicles: vols 1 to 3

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by Matthew Kennedy

The Metaspace Chronicles: vols 1 to 3

Never accept alien technology without tech support! We did, and paid the price when the aliens left and their tech eventually failed, crashing our civilization back to cavalry and crossbows. Mighty nations have splintered into petty kingdoms and city-states as the global communications and transportation networks died..

But all is not lost. Exposure to the few still-functioning bits of alien tech has produced humans capable of using the alien "magic" - of weaving metaspace.

Xander, court "wizard" to the Governor of Rado, fights not only for his country, but for his Dream: a school to teach the alien magic he calls 'psionic engineering'. If generations can be trained, Earth can rise from the ashes with a hybrid of human and alien technology.

But there are many obstacles to surmount in pursuit of his dream. Caches of ancient weapons have been discovered, by tyrants eager to expand their empires. Secret societies may not welcome sharing their power with upstarts. And most important of all, Xander will have to find the students he needs to become the faculty of his new School to get the ball rolling.

In the Metaspace Chronicles, conquerors and idealists will collide to decide whether it will be unification by conquest, or a rebuilding of the original nation by negotiation and compromise. And one thing is certain: whatever happens, the Earth may never be the same.

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