Post Apocalyptic Ponies: Revolutions Per Mile, Book 1

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by E.E. Isherwood

Post Apocalyptic Ponies: Revolutions Per Mile, Book 1

High-Octane Post Apocalypse

The wheels came off the world two years ago. It was a global war to be sure, but without television or internet people quickly forgot the specifics. Survival itself became the 24-hour news cycle.

With her father's high performance sports car, Perth Hopkins managed to outrun the plagues, famines, riots, and most other refugees. She'd made it to safety, far from the ruined cities.

Today, years later, she drives Old World muscle cars as a high-speed courier between small farming towns in the breadbasket of a new nation. She's learning the rules of the road in the safe interior—the pony pastures—but she craves the speed and danger of the interstate. Those routes are run by the older girls…

When one of those girls rescues her from the ruthless Kansas Highway Patrol, Perth's opportunity for promotion arrives. But can she handle it? Is she willing to trade safety for speed? And really, how much worse can it be on the interstate?

This is a KINDLE SHORT READ (90-120 minutes) and begins the Revolutions Per Mile series.

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Genres: Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

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Pages: 77


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