Siren Songs: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 2

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by E.E. Isherwood

Siren Songs: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 2

Safety in the suburbs? Not in this Apocalypse.

Fifteen-year-old Liam Peters successfully rescued his 104-year-old great-grandmother from the worst of the Zombie Apocalypse in the urban chaos. They're finally in the suburbs, ready to enjoy the safety and calm they've sought. All he has to do is get Grandma Marty to his parents and he'll be free of the burden of caring for her.

As a voracious reader of zombie books, Liam knows nothing is ever as simple as it seems during the Zombie Apocalypse. While they race for his suburban home, the swelling zombie horde catches up and ensures there's no peace or security for anyone. Liam's entanglement with a military convoy sets events in motion which reveal the presence of a strange research facility, a refuge filled with Boy Scouts, and the first hint of a cure to the Ebola Squared zombie virus.

He endures many challenges in the hills and forests outside the sprawl, and learns someone is chewing up test subjects in their quest for that cure. Only when he stumbles upon a mass grave does he finally see the direct threat to his grandma.

Siren Songs is the exciting second installment of E. E. Isherwood’s hit post-apocalyptic series Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse. If you like to watch society collapse, zombie hordes bear down on the heroes, and skin-of-teeth escapes, you won’t be able to put down this awesome read!

The Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series.

  • Book 1: Since the Sirens
  • Book 2: Siren Songs
  • Book 3: Stop the Sirens
  • Book 4: Last Fight of the Valkyries
  • Book 5: Zombies vs Polar Bears
  • Book 6: Zombies Ever After [Sept 17, 2016]
Author's Notes:Siren Songs continues the story of Liam, Marty, and Victoria, and approximately covers days 4-8 since the sirens blared in book 1.

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Genres: Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

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Pages: 296


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