Revolutionary (Athena Lee Chronicles Book 4)

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by T S Paul

Revolutionary (Athena Lee Chronicles Book 4)

Athena Lee had returned home to her planet of birth. She is home to visit the family she has not seen for over 16 years. Her ship the James Cook is there to repair damage caused by the O'Malley pirates.

She finds that her once peaceful agrarian world is overrun with corruption and graft.
Her own family is wrapped up in a daily power play for control of the planet and its resources.

What was a nice family visit has become a trial of wills.

What about the marriage they arranged for her? Oh Hell No!

This engineer now has to fight her own family to survive.

A reckoning is approaching will she be ready for it?

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Gay Fiction, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

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Pages: 117


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