Schifflebein's Folly

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by Iris Chacon

Schifflebein's Folly

Winner of's 2016 PROJECTWD Award, Paranormal category.
A hunky carpenter wants to adopt six children, but first he must convince authorities that he is not crazy. He isn't. His teapot really IS talking to him.

LONG SUMMARY: Despite his many positive attributes, Lloyd has reached the age of 32 years, seven months, four days, and six hours without finding Miss Right and converting her into Mrs. Lloyd Schifflebein. Yes, Schifflebein. A surname decidedly lacking romance in addition to being difficult to spell and way too long a signature for checks and the backs of credit cards.
Supposing Miss Right is found and is willing to overlook the awkward appellation, there is one other impediment to wedded bliss. Lloyd devotes his whole life to his children. Children he doesn’t yet actually have, but he is working on it. He has been filing adoption applications all his adult life. This devotion to his as-yet-unadopted children leads many people to deduce that Lloyd Schifflebein is crazy. Big and strong, sure. Cute, maybe, but loony nonetheless.
When Lloyd convinces the Social Worker From Hell that he really is good father-material, things are looking up. Soon Lloyd is the happy father of six, count ‘em, six special needs children and their six pet bunny rabbits. The Schifflebein household is a regular day at the circus. And they’ll be a forever family, provided they can get through a probationary period with surprise inspections at any time.
Then things begin to go wrong.
First, the Teapot arrives. The talking Teapot. The one that Lloyd is certain will get him labeled “insane” and remove all chance of finalizing the children’s adoptions.
Simultaneously, Miss Right arrives and sweeps the entire Schifflebein family off their multiple feet – then reveals she is engaged to someone else.
At the same time, dishonest political schemers threaten Lloyd’s new home business, and the same people contrive several false legal complaints against him.
The social worker separates Lloyd from his children pending his day in court. And that turns out to be not only the day he must fight to keep his children, but also the day his business could fail if he’s not present to fulfill a contract, as well as the day Miss Right is going to marry the wrong guy.
Lloyd definitely needs supernatural help – even if it comes in the form of a snarky talking Teapot.

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Genres: Chick Lit, Christian, Contemporary Fiction, Humour, Romance, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 200


ISBN(10): 1311100832

ISBN(13): 9781311100832

Sales Rank: 962957

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