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by Julian A Anderson

A china key

The discovery of an unusual mineral in a South African mine provides pottery manufacturer Edward Taylor with an opportunity to save the family business. But when an airport worker throws himself into a jet engine, Taylor finds himself under pressure from those seeking to pervert his discovery. The murder of a young family then brings the unwelcome attention of the police as Chief Inspector Jennings begins to investigate a series of unusual deaths.

The deaths also bring former Lieutenant Braden back to London. As he faces his final weeks, Braden uses what time he has left to seek a solution to a 30 year old puzzle that brings together Cold War enemies as they face a new and unexpected threat.

‘There are monsters,’ he said, ‘monsters in the shadows.’

Set during the long hot British summer of 1976 this story mixes the genre of crime fiction with a touch of surrealism.

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Genres: Cozy Crime, Detective, Mystery, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

Google Category: None

Pages: 385


ISBN(10): 9780993432

Sales Rank: 3625925

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