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Araknea - Book 1

Fantasy is gonna shine bright!

Araknea - Book 1

by Jean Kaczmarek

Fantasy is gonna shine bright!

"Epic fantasy and science-fiction in one, Araknea portrays a versicolor world full of violence and lust for power."

This cross-genre book-fantasy mixed with steampunk, two tablespoons of mangas, populated by giants robots and zombies, is waiting for you. Take the path less travelled.

Let's discover a new fantasy saga ...ARAKNEA

When the Shrine of Fire from Adrion is stolen, Lords Skorpios has no doubt, that Friss, the Fortress-sentinel of the North, is at the heart of this sacrilege. Isis and Mentor, travelers and mercenaries, find themselves plunged into the heart of a quest which pulls them towards the unspeakable.

Will Isis have enough courage and will to save her life, that of her close relations, and for, maybe, protect the humanity of these Phages which devour her world ?

Other Book Information

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Steam Punk, Time Travel

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 249


ISBN(10): 9782953471

Sales Rank: 1110968

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