Runaway Deception (Royal Deception Book 2)

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by Denae Christine

Runaway Deception (Royal Deception Book 2)

He never wanted to kill the King. She never wanted to be the Princess.

After the death of his father, the King of Arton, Symon is on the run from his own people. He forges a new identity as an outlaw who opposes the persecution of animal shifters. Despite facing pirates, thieves, and slavers, Symon’s biggest struggle will be forgiving himself.

As Arton’s new heir, twelve-year-old Lana is thrust into court life. She mourns for Symon, but she soon realizes that his loss puts her, and the kingdom, in danger. When Regent Ozar threatens animal shifters, Lana goes undercover to protect citizens of Arton.

Both Symon and Lana will have to decide whether justice is worth fighting for . . . or even killing for.

Book 1, Royal Deception, starts the blade shifters' adventures before Symon flees Arton.
Book 2.5, Risky Perception, is a novella split between Symon's and Lana's povs in their attempts to belong to two worlds.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Christian, Fantasy, Young Adult (YA), Young Teen

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