The Yeoman: Crying Albion Series - Book 1

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by Tyler Danann

The Yeoman: Crying Albion Series - Book 1

When a group of ultra-radicals unleash their agenda in Britain a group of patriotic colonels push back with a successful coup.

A short but bloody war sees two sides manifest, on one side are the ultra-liberal, big government Coalition. On the other is nationalist Albion striving for self-sufficiency, isolation and an ethno-state.

The Coalition schemes to enrich the British Isles with a final solution. Ultra-nationalist factions within the Albion ranks rankle for vengeance. With a multi-million-man horde of non-Europeans looming it will take a miracle to avert a bloodbath. For the Yeoman, navigating the chaos of 21st century Britain, the time has come to make a difference.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Military Fiction, War

Google Category: None

Pages: 268


ISBN(10): 1522846468

ISBN(13): 9781522846468

Sales Rank: 1608956

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