A Soul Divided (The Blood Fire Trilogy Book 1)

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by Daniel M. Quilter

A Soul Divided (The Blood Fire Trilogy Book 1)

When the princess of the technologically advanced Human Empire is kidnapped by an agent of the Mystic religion, they’re forced to turn to the last person they’d ever expected to ask for help: Drake Ashbell, a snarky pirate who has a problem with authority, and a dark secret.
When he’s pulled into the conflict, Drake finds himself caught up in a fast-paced adventure that will take him to distant worlds, make him face his tragic past, and test the limits of his soul.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), War, Young Adult (YA)

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 282


ISBN(10): 1503100251

ISBN(13): 9781503100251

Sales Rank: 761129

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