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Anything for Him

How far would you go to win the one you love?

Anything for Him

by LK Chapman

How far would you go to win the one you love?

Vulnerable and alone after the tragic loss of her parents Felicity finds herself in a relationship with volatile and troubled Jay.

Reluctantly drawn in to a twisted revenge plan against Jay’s former best friend, Felicity soon becomes trapped, and as Jay turns increasingly controlling and abusive she questions everything he has told her about his past and his former girlfriend Sammie. But when she wants to expose the truth she comes up against an even greater threat: Someone obsessed and dangerous. Someone who has always been in the background of Jay’s life. Someone who will do anything for him.


"Chapman writes a concise, quick-paced, and dramatic woman-in-jeopardy story. She demonstrates a superb understanding of how women wind up with charming con artists who turn abusive" Kirkus Reviews

"A truly chilling thriller, with some seriously disturbing characters." Brittney Rossie for Readers’ Favorite

"A stunning thriller that keeps you guessing"

"An emotional roller coaster which really gets inside your head" Chelle's Book Reviews

"The Author. L.K. Chapman – What a great storyteller and so well written." Jen Kendell for

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Dark, Different, Horror, Mystery, Revenge, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction

Pages: 260

ASIN: B01A9EN936

ISBN(10): 0000000000

ISBN(13): 0000000000000

Sales Rank: 355741

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