Freud's Lost Journals: a novel

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by Vincent Miskell

Freud's Lost Journals: a novel

You do not sound happy, Herr Carson,” a voice behind me said with a marked German accent.
Startled, I jerked around to see Sigmund Freud in the prime of his life.

After being astounded by how holographic technology's resurrected scores of celebrities and historical figures, Professor Alex Carson gets swept up in a struggle between Red Chinese and neo-Nazi forces who both want Sigmund Freud's early journals, journals stolen by a young Gestapo agent in March 1938 during the second Nazi raid on Freud’s apartment—a raid ending with Anna Freud’s terrifying abduction and interrogation at Gestapo headquarters.
But all Alex knows is that the journals remain hidden somewhere in Argentina, a former stronghold of escaped Nazi war criminals. With his sister Kristine’s life at stake, Alex has no choice but to go on a harrowing odyssey through the holographic worlds of Vienna, Austria, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and into the snow-swept mountains of Patagonia, Argentina, to save Kristine. Alex must escape Red Chinese agents and face Argentinian neo-Nazis, whose paranoid leader, Alejandro Heim, claims to be Adolf Hitler’s son born after WWII because supposedly Hitler, Eva Braun, and Martin Bormann escaped to Argentina via U-boat.
Periodically, readers are treated to excerpts from the Lost Journals, which accurately depict the evolution of Freud’s revolutionary methods and theories. Freud’s Lost Journals is a thinking person’s thriller.

Science fiction and dark comedy writer, Robert Grossbach wrote: "Freud’s Lost Journals is a terrifically entertaining combo of adventure novel, sci-fi story, and scholarly treatise. Miskell gives us sharply depicted characters, settings ranging from Nazi Germany to near-future Patagonia, a breathless grab-you-by-the-throat narrative, and an education in Freudian psychology, all in graceful, descriptive prose."

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Genres: Thriller

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Pages: 378

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ISBN(13): 9781311791900

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