Love's Ghostly Shadow: A Lesbian Romance

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by Judy Folger

Love's Ghostly Shadow: A Lesbian Romance

The terms of Aunt Beatrice's will are unique, to say the least. They give her great niece, Joy, full ownership of her home, but first Joy must live in the decrepit old farmhouse for a full year.

A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Joy sees it all as a big adventure. Unfortunately her partner, Sheridan, doesn't agree. All Sheridan wants is a comfortable apartment with modern appliances, an apartment that doesn't have mice under the refrigerator and unexplained cold spots on the stairs.

Before long, Joy's already shaky relationship with Sheridan is stretched to the breaking point. But the longer Joy stays in the farmhouse, the more she remembers visiting Aunt Bea as a child. A full-blooded Arapaho, Aunt Bea once taught Joy meaningful Native American myths and legends. Joy begins to suspect that Aunt Bea's spirit is haunting the house to remind her of those long-ago lessons and to try to save her relationship with Sheridan.

Unique among lesbian romance books, Love's Ghostly Shadow deftly combines touches of Arapaho culture and spine-tingling ghostly activity as Joy struggles to recover the "pure vision" that led her to fall in love with Sheridan in the first place.

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 152


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