Dangerous Reunion: A Lesbian Romance and Suspense Novel

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by Judy Folger

Dangerous Reunion: A Lesbian Romance and Suspense Novel

After going through a bitter divorce that leaves her emotionally shaken and financially devastated, Dorrie Kessler moves to the city to work as an interior design consultant for her older sister. She is shocked when one of her very first clients turns out to be Virginia Parks, her first venture into lesbianism, who then broke Dorrie's heart by marrying a man.

Now, Virginia seems to want to pick up right where they left off. But before Dorrie can even process the idea of being gay, terrible things start to happen to Dorrie and her loved ones -- threatening phone calls, vandalism, and finally, shattering physical attacks.

Susan Rutledge has always been protective of her younger sister, Dorrie, and she does not believe it is a coincidence that the stalking begins so soon after Virginia re-enters Dorrie's life. Dorrie, however, does not want to hear a word against her lover, and as danger surrounds them, Susan is forced to wonder: will Dorrie's loyalty to Virginia cost her her own life?

This is the third and last book of the Second Chance series, following Second Chance and Susan's Choice

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 148


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