Lisa's Nightmares (A Sequel to Lisa's Kiss): A Lesbian Romance

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by Judy Folger

Lisa's Nightmares (A Sequel to Lisa's Kiss): A Lesbian Romance

Lisa likes to be in complete control of her sexual relationships. Even when she's finished with a woman, she still keeps her around, dangling her like a yo-yo on a string.

Lisa is unprepared for the nightmares that suddenly take over her life, rendering her all but helpless. And she certainly isn't prepared for her partner, Peggy's, violent response to Lisa's infidelity.

Vulnerable and hurting, Lisa moves in with her best friend, Karen. Karen is the one woman who has never given in to Lisa's wiles. But Karen is only human, and as Lisa's barriers come crashing down, Karen dares to hope that genuine feelings may be developing between them.

As Lisa begins to recover from her injuries, though, her inner bitch begins to reassert itself. Will she be able to face her past and work to build a better future with Karen, or is she destined to remain cold and shut off from her emotions forever?

This is the second in a two-book series. Lisa's Kiss begins the series.

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 122


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