Second Chance: A Lesbian Romance

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by Judy Folger

Second Chance: A Lesbian Romance

Christa plays the field, never letting anyone get too close. Then she meets just-out-of-the-closet Keri, and the sparks fly. As Christa's barriers come crashing down, she is sure she has found happily ever after.

Flash forward 10 years. Keri has abruptly ended their relationship, kicking Christa out of their home in Dallas. Licking her wounds, Christa has moved back to the city to be near her mother. She works in an indie bookstore by day and seduces married women by night. Never, she swears, will she ever again, make herself so vulnerable.

But Christa's world turns upside down when Keri also returns to the city. Keri has a completely different recollection of the events leading up to their breakup, and she wants to give their relationship a second chance.

Christa isn't buying any of it. Having her heart ripped out of her chest and stomped on once was more than enough. Besides, she is slowly starting to develop feelings for Susan, one of the married women she dates.

But Christa can't deny the earthquake of desire that shakes her to her very core every time she sees Keri. She wants to kiss her, touch her, hold her, and re-explore every inch of her body.

Little does Christa realize that the white-hot passion they share isn't enough to mend their tattered relationship. That will require patience, communication, and--hardest for both of them--trust.

This is the first book of the Second Chance series, followed by Susan's Choice and Dangerous Reunion

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 137


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