The Unfinished Letter: A Lesbian Romance

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by Judy Folger

The Unfinished Letter: A Lesbian Romance

When Elizabeth's life partner, Pattie, was killed in a car accident, Elizabeth vowed she would never give her heart to anyone again. The pain was just too overwhelming.

Then Jackie comes into her life. Jackie, too, has been burned badly by love, but she is willing to give happily-ever-after a second chance. And the woman she wants for her fairy-tale ending is Elizabeth.

Can Elizabeth find a way to put the past behind her and give in to Jackie's considerable charms, or will she always remain aloof and alone? And if she does allow herself to fall in love with Jackie, how can she be sure that Jackie's heart doesn't belong to the mysterious woman from her past?

The path to happiness seems totally blocked until Elizabeth's mother and Jackie's friends decide to lend a helping hand. Then the fun begins...

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

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Pages: 144


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