Crash Landing: A Lesbian Novel

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by Judy Folger

Crash Landing: A Lesbian Novel

Pia Arnoni is in love...sort of. At least, she's engaged to be married to a beautiful, powerful surgeon who lives in an expensive house and showers Pia with gifts.

But for some reason, Pia can't seem to stop thinking about her childhood love, Shane Warner. She hasn't even spoken to Shane in 20 years, not since Shane decided to join the Army out of graduate school. Pia didn't want that kind of closeted lifestyle for herself.

Still, Pia has followed Shane's career. She was devastated when Shane's helicopter was shot down and Shane lost a leg, yet still she kept her distance.

Now, however, Shane is coming back to town for her father's funeral, and Pia will have to deal with her face to face. Will they be able to rekindle what they once had? Or is Shane too traumatized to be in a relationship? And what on earth will Pia do about her fiance?

CRASH LANDING tells the story of a woman looking for true love while a veteran tries to cope with the combat experiences that left her physically and mentally shattered.

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Genres: Gay Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Google Category: None

Pages: 93

ASIN: B00Y76WW68

Sales Rank: 289578

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