Prophecy and End Times From Edgar Cayce to Fatima

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by D.M. Hoover

Prophecy and End Times From Edgar Cayce to Fatima

It is no secret that we are currently living in perilous times. Were these times predicted in the past by anyone besides the Book of Revelation, the primer on the subject of End Times? We know that Nostradamus, a doctor and astrologer from the Middle Ages did so or at least many believe so. Yet his quatrains are cryptic and difficult to correlate as to time and place, particularly as they may relate to our modern world.

Edgar Cayce, the 20th century's foremost psychic born in Hopkinsville Kentucky on March 18th, 1877 to a simple farming family, found that he had the ability tap into the Akashic Records as no one else has before or since. From this source came a collection of well over 14,000 readings, and the organization which bears his name today, formally known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment, diligently cataloged his life's work to preserve his legacy. Within this massive collection lies predictions of earth changes that may signal the approaching end times and or a shift in man's consciousness. These readings lay out specific geographic locations for unrest, most of which we see today as hot-spots of turmoil such as Syria, Turkey and Egypt. He also speaks as well of major global weather changes and Geo-political turmoil.

The book compares various sources for what are considered to be End Times references, and drastic changes for man and his environment. In addition to the Cayce readings, we'll examine some of these other sources for clues as to what may lie ahead.

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