The Care of Goats and Ghosts (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 8)

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by Sharon Burch Toner

The Care of Goats and Ghosts (Maggie McGill Mysteries Book 8)

As a psychotherapist, Maggie McGill often had dealt with the ghosts of past deeds and past influencers on her clients, such as a domineering mother or an abusive father. She’d seen the actions of these long gone people haunt her clients and their issues.

Now in Ireland, she wonders if there are other types of ghosts, as well. Maggie and daughter, Allie, explore their family history and find so much more.

The monastery island, peaceful and green, waits for the pure of heart to discover its secrets. Maggie and Allie discover beauty, peace and, of all things, goats! It is idyllic until . . . Maggie must face a deep fear. She and Allie confront a mystery that deepens into even greater dangers.

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Genres: Adventure, Cozy Crime, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Mystery Novels

Pages: 276


ISBN(10): 1517042232

ISBN(13): 9781517042233

Sales Rank: 1478651

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