Eternal Arguments (Eternal Trials Saga Book 1)

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Eternal Arguments (Eternal Trials Saga Book 1)

Eternal Arguments (Eternal Trials Saga Book 1)

by C.E. Vance

Jason Newman is a representative for those who are the most in need of counsel ... the recently deceased. As an "attorney of the Afterlife" he must help his clients sift through the complicated details of their former lives and argue before the Elders on their behalf. As he tries to help them cope with the reality of their deaths, he desperately struggles to repay his own debt; a debt he incurred in the process of his own demise.

*This novelette first appeared in the anthology
"Awethology- Light" and is an introduction to The Eternal Trials Saga, a new series for adults that will feature full-length novels about people dealing with the transition between life and death. While these stories have a common theme, they tell the tales of very different characters and circumstances. Each is meant to stand alone, and all are intended for audiences of all belief systems.

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